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of our history

Art duff was born as a mini-venture of a couple. Two exceptional people, she with formidable sales capacity and he with his intelligence applied to the production and formulation of essences, with the aim of progressing in a country as difficult as ours, Argentina, in 2004, without expecting so much finally result effort.

with the passage of time and the incorporation of new clients, it was impossible for these two people to supply, for this reason new employees were incorporated who have a family link to ensure that the business continues to be attended «by their owners». Nowadays Art duf, is a company oriented to a public both wholesale and retail, with the possibility of competing in the market, allowing the final consumer to obtain an accessible cost and the reseller a wide margin of profit.

«A little dream that with love
became a beautiful family»

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Life is a gift of infinite possibilities,
although our past has been or not glorious, or the present is uncertain,
we can always write a story that is worth telling: OUR HISTORY.
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Our philosophy

Life is a gift of infinite possibilities,
Although our past has been glorious or not, or the present is uncertain,
We can always write a story that is worth telling: Our History.

Art duf
Art Duf

La vida es un Don de infinitas posibilidades,
Aunque nuestro pasado haya sido o no glorioso, o el presente sea incierto,
Siempre podemos escribir una historia que valga la pena contar: Nuestra Historia.

Art Duf
Art Duf

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Saavedra (Calle 43) 2514, Villa Maipú, San Martín,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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